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Even Out Back I’d Travel With A Trowel. Plainsongs (2019): 104

The Thoughts of One Ophelia. SWIMM every day (2019)

Two Poems: Datura Innoxia & Perennial. Jabberwock Review (2019)

Two Poems: Sale Pending & Lime. Roanoke Review (2019)

Two Poems: Water Hemlock & Here Is The Apple.  William & Mary Review (2019)

Monotropa Uniflora.  Massachusetts Review (2019)

Recovery like Budesonide.  Pedestal Magazine (2019)

Crisis, With Cassowaries, Waccamaw (2019)

All The Missing Girls. Switchback (2019)

After the Vineyard Is Lost Psaltery & Lyre (2018)

Two Poems: Estate Sale & Betty & Veronica, Opiate (2018):

When Your Mother Loses Her Mind, Sweet (2017)

Night Blooming Cereus After Desert Storm, River Styx (2016)

Three Poems, Ghost Town Literary Magazine (2015)

High on Dopamine, He Wants You Back. The Normal School (2015)

After Irene Breaks Up With Him,  Cimarron Review (2014)

You Didn’t Show. Southeast Review (2014)

Dead Girls, Not Ours,  Cider Press Review (2013)

I Hear You’re Sick of Pomegranates. Yemassee (2012)

Fight or Flight,  Alaska Quarterly Review (2010)

HanselCabinet des Fees (2006)



I Hear You Calling, 1978Green Hills Literary Lantern (2018)

Swallowed, Sliver of Stone Magazine (2012)



Weight in Cotton, QuickFiction online (2003).

Swim Freeway and the Religion of Summer, North Atlantic Review. (2003)

Rain. Bellowing Ark.  (2001)

The Cord, Beloit Fiction Journal. (1997)



The Bosslight Bookstore Blog, 2020

Sweet Connections, 2019.

Writer’s League of Texas, 2018.

How To Move Beyond Once Upon a Time, 2016