16. Harry



Anonymous.  Harry Kendall Thaw (1895).  Photograph. 5 x 7 inch. b & w.

The spoiled scion of a Pittsburgh railroad fortune was noted for his incoherent babbling, random laughing, baby talk (he dubbed Evelyn “Boofuls”), and temper tantrums. Perhaps in an effort to medicate his mental illness, Thaw injected speedballs (large amounts of cocaine and morphine). Thaw had a penchant for whipping prostitutes and/or hotel help in bathtubs until skin was broken. His domineering mother covered up his wrong-doings with hush money. Initially Thaw tried to court Evelyn under the pseudonym Mr. Munroe, but later revealed himself as Thaw. Although Mrs. Nesbit knew of the rumors regarding her daughter’s suitor, she did not tell Evelyn.

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