21: Lyndhurst



“Lyndhurst” (William & Mary C. Thaw mansion), 1165 Beechwood Boulevarde, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1887-89, demolished c. 1942), Theophilus Parsons Chandler, Jr., architect.

The home in Pittsburgh, where the newlyweds lived with Mother Thaw. After six months of relative calm, Thaw decided to have dentists remove the veneers on Evelyn’s teeth, which White had paid for. He also had her pose as Bluebeard’s seven wives, a popular, if morbid, trend. At this time, Thaw began an obsessive effort to expose White, going so far as to correspond with Anthony Comstock, urging him to expose White as a sybarite. Convinced White knew of his efforts—he thought White had hired hitmen to kill him—Thaw began carrying a gun.

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